170th Assault Helicopter Company
170th Mini Reunion May 2003 Reno

170th Mini Reunion - Photos provided by Henry Winther

170TH_01 American West Chicago to Reno H_W03D.jpg

170TH_02 Hilton Check Into Room 486 My 1st Ship was 67-17486 H_W03D.jpg

170TH_03 This Barracks is Lots Better than Nam H_W03D.jpg

170TH_04 TV was OK but having 100mbs Internet was great H_W03D.jpg

170TH_05 Our Host Gary Ott H_W03D.jpg

170TH_06 Gordo and Mike H_W03D.jpg

170TH_07 Mike Harding H_W03D.jpg

170TH_08 Tom and Gordo H_W03D.jpg

170TH_09 Gary Mike and Dennis H_W03D.jpg

170TH_10 Mike and Dennis H_W03D.jpg

170TH_11 Dennis Kunkel H_W03D.jpg

170TH_12 Mike and Dennis H_W03D.jpg

170TH_13 Mike Harding H_W03D.jpg

170TH_14 Mike and Dennis H_W03D.jpg

170TH_15 Mike and Dennis H_W03D.jpg

170TH_16 Hosts Gary and Donna H_W03D.jpg

170TH_17 Chef Gary's Creation H_W03D.jpg

170TH_18 Chef Gary's Creation H_W03D.jpg

170TH_19 Hosts Gary and Donna H_W03D.jpg

170TH_20 Hilton Resteraunt Chevys H_W03D.jpg

170TH_21 Sunday Breakfast at Chevys H_W03D.jpg

170TH_22 Sunday Breakfast at Chevys H_W03D.jpg

170TH_23 Sunday Breakfast at Chevys H_W03D.jpg

170TH_24 Sunday Nite Gordo Mike and Donna H_W03D.jpg

170TH_25 Sunday Nite Tom Keyes H_W03D.jpg

170TH_26 For Dennis Kunkel we are at Chevys H_W03D.jpg

170TH_27 Margaritas Anyone - Thanks Gordo H_W03D.jpg

170TH_28 Dennis and Henry H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_29 Dennis and Henry H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_30 Reno Hilton Goodbye H_W03D.jpg

170TH_31 Reno Hilton Goodbye H_W03D.jpg

170TH_32 Reno Mountains H_W03D.jpg

170TH_B01 Reno Airport H_W03D.jpg

170TH_B02 Reno Airport H_W03D.jpg

170TH_B03 Reno Airport Camera Zoom H_W03D.jpg

170TH_B04 Reno Airport Clear Left H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_B05 Reno Airport and Hilton H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_B06 Reno Airport and Hilton H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_C01 Reno Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_C02 Reno Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_C03 Reno Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_C04 Reno Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_C05 Reno Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_C06 Reno Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_C07 Reno Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_C08 Reno Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_C09 Reno Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_C10 Reno Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_D01 Phoenix Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_D02 Phoenix Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_D03 Phoenix Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_D04 Phoenix Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_D05 Phoenix Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_D06 Phoenix Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_D07 Phoenix Area - Car Accident H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_D08 Phoenix Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_D09 Phoenix Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_D10 Phoenix Area H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_E01 Arizona Rough Terrain H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_E02 Arizona Rough Terrain H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_E03 Arizona Rough Terrain H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_E04 Arizona Rough Terrain H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_E05 Arizona Rough Terrain H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_E06 Arizona Rough Terrain H_W03Da.jpg

170TH_F01 Phoenix Layover - Enjoy the TV H_W03D.jpg

170TH_G01 Night Approach Chicago H_W03D.jpg

170TH_G02 Night Approach Chicago - Hold the plane steady H_W03D.jpg

170TH_G03 Night Approach Chicago - Hold the plane steady H_W03D.jpg

170TH_G04 Night Approach Chicago - Hold the plane steady H_W03D.jpg