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[225] Jim Munford |
Any contact info. for Akira Sato? I saw a post from him. Looked up Akira Sato in CA, but there are beau coup. Have photos I'd like to send of him.
January - 29 - 2008 (Tuesday) 19:31 - Virginia Beach, VA / Jacksonville, FL

[224] Jim Munford |
Mike Grude informed me that Gary Schoelerman was in Loozyanna. Got his # off the net and called him. Great AC to have flown with. Finally got to tell him.
January - 29 - 2008 (Tuesday) 16:19 - Va. Beach

[223] Jim Munford |
That's tough to hear. I lost contact with JP and wanted to reconnect. He was my gunner the day I got hit. May God bless and keep him.
January - 29 - 2008 (Tuesday) 16:03 - Va. Beach

[222] Nigel Brooks |
John Paul Martin (JP) was a member of the 170th AHC 1969-1970.

John passed away in April 2007 at Niagara Falls. A tribute to John may be seen at You Tube. You can access the tribute by typing "170thAHC" or "In memory of JP" into the search box.
January - 25 - 2008 (Friday) 16:57 - Houston, Texas

[221] Jim Munford |
In looking at the 170th roster, I saw that Gary Schoelerman was listed and annotated as "Living". As Gary was my AC, glad to hear it. If you are in contact, please pass along my address to Gary with warmest regards.
January - 22 - 2008 (Tuesday) 15:13 - Virginia Beach, VA / Jacksonville, FL

[220] Rich Olson |
Checking for Tom Carrell, I was with 119th while he was with 170th in '67. We IP'd in the same flight at Rucker then lost track. Like to say hi. Great site photos bring back some memories.
January - 11 - 2008 (Friday) 12:27 - Ft Hood Texas

[219] Henry Winther |
New Forum Software installed and Active
Photo Gallery Updated Software

2008 Reunion Topic in phpBB Forum
has St Louis Reunion Information Posted
December - 30 - 2007 (Sunday) 16:50 - Round Lake, IL

[218] Henry Winther |
Christmas Holidays Spent doing 170th Web Site Upgrades
December - 26 - 2007 (Wednesday) 13:38 - Round Lake, IL

[217] Henry Winther |
170th.org Sendmail function restored to operation: 11/27/07 6pm
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November - 27 - 2007 (Tuesday) 18:00 - Round Lake, IL

[216] Howard Boling called Shorty |
Hello all. David Hooper can you get a hold of me. We were in kontum together but also in pleiku turning in the 170th gear. Remember me?
Any one else out there hello and merry ho ho ho I remember my first day in the 170th when I showed up and if right Downs was joking but called me a FNG f-----new guy well I showed him my patch from my first tour. Hope downs sees this and say hi. A honor to serve with you all. Anyone here where Big John Gillispie is?
November - 24 - 2007 (Saturday) 16:15 - Bellingham, wa

[215] Ron Frigstad |
Does anyone know where I can get a copy of Michael O'Donnell's poems? I read the two in Frank Greco's "Running Recon" and was very moved by them.
November - 3 - 2007 (Saturday) 12:08 - MN

[214] Sam Grimes |
Looking forward to the reunion in St. Louis. Enjoyed Reno last year and catching up on old times. I located my gunship 64-14150 in a hanger in Little Rock, Ark and hope to visit and photo it prior to the reunion. A big thanks to Gary Roush for helping me locate a bit of history for me.
October - 31 - 2007 (Wednesday) 22:46 - Peoria, Arizona

[213] David Hooper |
I was a crew chief, 70-71 with the Buccaneers. Tail number of my helo was 036, BUC4, A/C was Mr. Williams. I remember being one of the last Buccaneer gunships to fly out of Kontum, upon the 170th AHC being de-activated. I even found a picture of myself in Mr. Williams's photos.
October - 21 - 2007 (Sunday) 13:26 - Columbia, MD

[212] Jack Fitzgibbon |
After arriving in-country I was assigned to the 52ABC and snagged as the Battalion COs driver, (Merritt) which lasted for about three weeks. Then transferred to the 170th from September of 70 to Jan of 71. Worked in Maint Platoon until Snyders Huey was hit on the flight line. Replaced his DG s slot in Flt Platoon, I think the 2nd. Anyway, brought personal belongings to the DG at the 71st Evac Hospital in Pleiku a few days later. Does anyone know his name or heard about him in the years since, I think his last name was King?? The website just keeps getting better.
October - 10 - 2007 (Wednesday) 21:45 - Titusville, Fl

[211] John Brennan |
Helicopter "nicknames" of the VN War is the subject
of a book I'm presently researching. During this
process I've documented ten personalized names that
were displayed on various 170th AHC in-country
I'm wondering if this number accurately reflects the
total output produced by crews of the 170th AHC who
might have painted something special on the nose, door
or fuselage of their Vietnam based copters.
There has never been a comprehensive cataloging of
personalized "names" before. This attempt will be the
first, and hopefully, the most complete tabulation of
Army copter "nose-art nicknames" ever. Therefore, it
is important that the published database (late 2008)
include all known 170th AHC copter names as possible.
I ask that you notify your members about this
project and that you forward their input to me.
Scanned photos are welcomed, but not necessary.
Sincerely, John Brennan, active member in the VHCMA
& 114 Avn Co Assn; former SP5, 114 AHC, Vinh Long AAF,
1970-71, Mekong Delta
September - 30 - 2007 (Sunday) 16:53 - San Lorenzo, CA

[210] John Willam Nelson |
I was in the 170th aviation in 1969 till 1970 Kotum i served under major schnell.
September - 30 - 2007 (Sunday) 14:10 - sumiton alabama walker county

[209] Henry Winther |
Active-Script Guestbook software updated to Version 14.5
September - 24 - 2007 (Monday) 22:09 - Round Lake, IL

I was gunner for Boyde Van Fleet and Mc Ada. 1966. Anyone remember me?
September - 22 - 2007 (Saturday) 17:50 - Colorado Springs, Co.

[207] Larry DeWitt |
I don't know why I waited for over 35 years to do this search and find your website. I guess I've come to a time in my life when I want to remember. I took my basic and infantry training at Ft. Polk, LA. and served with the 52nd Scty Det. for 11 Months at Kontum in support of the Bikinis and Buccaneers in 1969-1970. I finished out my tour in Pleiku after we abandoned the base at Kontum to the ARVN's. I remember guard duty and sleeping every night in the bunkers around that dirt berm perimeter, daytime recon patrols (some of you went with us), drinking Black Label beer out of rusty cans, touch football games against the aviation guys, mortar and rocket (Rocket City Baby!) attacks day or night. And especially the brotherhood.
August - 26 - 2007 (Sunday) 21:37 - Des Moines, Iowa

[206] ANNETTE (TERRY) H. |
August - 8 - 2007 (Wednesday) 10:07 - OHIO

[205] Ernest Ryall |
hello finally got my computer up and running been out of touch with everyone for a long time had a good time at last years 170th reunion
June - 8 - 2007 (Friday) 23:29 - cornelius, or

[204] Rik Bellerue |
Great site, full of interesting information. I was at Tay Ninh with the 187th AHC from Apr 70- Feb 72.
May - 12 - 2007 (Saturday) 23:15 - Albany, OR

[203] James Wood |
we start in MAY 2007 concrete floor around the 1st and 15th with the walls
April - 27 - 2007 (Friday) 01:03 - Texas

[202] James Wood |
Bn Brothers, Remember the Camp Holloway Memorial Wall up by 52nd Bn?
Well it is being re-built at Ft Wolters TX (Mineral Wells.) We are going to restore it with new material. Name Plates will have to be re engineered since the Army lost them. we start in Mar breaking the ground for the cement. mid may. a crew of ex Holloway vets and other nam vets will rebuild it. It is located at the National Vietnam War Museum. Check out the 189th AHC or the 52nd Bn Avn Bn Combat web site for details. Donations welcome.
Contact Vern or gerry or me via email
I worked with several of the 170th Avionics people. and supported all of your acft with com nav radar intercoms
April - 27 - 2007 (Friday) 01:00 - TX

[201] SFC (Ret) George Miller |
Assigned in 71 to 170th, Ft Hood. Served as crash rescue chief for a year. Great memories of the fine men of the 170th and all the accomplishments.
April - 6 - 2007 (Friday) 14:07 - Natick, MA

[200] Henry Winther |
Guestbook Software Script upgraded to Active Scripts version 14.3
March - 19 - 2007 (Monday) 01:22 - Round Lake, IL

[199] Mark Oury |
I was a Crew Chief-Snoopys;Red Barons;
Buccaneers-'70-'71.Worked FOB II with
Gary Ott and a lot of other great crewmen-I'll never forget you guys!!!
Buc 66-15174.
February - 24 - 2007 (Saturday) 21:38 - Austin,Tx.

[198] Don Torres
WOW!! Was just scanning your Guestbook and found someone within a few miles from me! Also, it never hurts to check other Website Guestbook's, you'd be surprized who you might find.
February - 1 - 2007 (Thursday) 11:20

[197] Don Torres |
GREAT WEBSITE! As a member of the 189th Assault Helicopter Co., I can't impress upon you how hard these people work making your Reunion's a Success. If you are able to help them IN ANY AREA, let them know! It was always great working with you guys (in Vietnam)and would loved to have seen more of you at the Battalion Reunion in St. Louis 2006. Get ready for their next one as they've already began working on the next 170th Reunion, make it a part of a Vacation and bring the whole Family. I Welcome the opportunity to buy you a Beer if you're at the VHCMA Vietnam Helicopter Crew Member Assn. Reunion in Orlando, Florida June 2007
February - 1 - 2007 (Thursday) 11:15 - Sarasota, Florida area

[196] Cleveland Gaiter
it is good to see something about oue company, we had a hard job. but we did it.
January - 10 - 2007 (Wednesday) 17:29 - Pittsburgh, Pa.

[195] Melvin Campbell |
Hey, This site brought back memories. Strangely enough, all good ones. I came down from the 57th in Sep of 69 on a DEROS Shuffle and somehow ended up being Bikini 18. I am still tooling around in helicopters for a living. Does anyone know of a crew chief named Bill Fuller? He was with me on 66-16852 which I also flew in '74 on a test flight for the VNAF. Good to see "Dry Dock 6" too. Keep up the good work on the site. How do you get permission to sign on? Thanks for helping me remember.
January - 5 - 2007 (Friday) 19:17 - Wasilla, AK

[194] James G. Stewart |
was with the 170th slicks for 3 months from 12-66 to 3-67 and Bucs from 3-67 to 12-67. Was Buc 7. Great site. Thanks for the work. Jim S
January - 4 - 2007 (Thursday) 18:55 - Albuquerque New Mexico

[193] Frank Gentry |
Great site. I am trying to contact Dave Garner, 170th, 1969-70. We were classmates in flt.school & the final exam was given at Camp Holloway.
December - 7 - 2006 (Thursday) 21:17 - waco, tx

[192] Kenneth H. Ervin |
Im Kenneth H. Ervin and I served with B/3rd/8th, 4th Infantry Division from December 1965 November 1967. I am one of the original Boat People. I did a google search for you on the World Wide Web. All that I could remember of you was the Bikini clad ladies that you had on the front of your choppers so I searched on Bikini Helicopters and therefore it returned me your site. I was there at the battles of Plei Doch and Plei Ya Bo (Three Trees). I want to thank you for all that you did for us. I still remember you risking your lives for us to resupply us during those awful Monsoons when visibility has near 0. I still remember how you ferried in fresh troops from our Forward Fire Base in our time on need. I have one question for you. The following 2 people were killed about 1 month after I came home. I assume that they perished in a Chopper Crash. Our Batallion Commander Glen Dean Belnap and his Sargent Major Hebert Roberts Jr. both lost their on 12/20/1967. I would appreciate any details that you can provide me with their death. They are the only deaths listed on this particular date from my old unit.

Kenneth H. Ervin
November - 24 - 2006 (Friday) 10:25 - 213 Holston Drive, Weber City, Va. 24290

[191] Vince Vitale |
I served at Tan Canh from May-Nov 1970 with MACV 25 & 6/14 Arty. Just wanted to thank the 170th for the great support that they always provided. Great guys and a great outfit. Welcome home to all of you.
October - 13 - 2006 (Friday) 18:16 - Phoenix, AZ

[190] SFC (Ret) James C. Johnson |
I have had many thoughts of my tour at Camp Hollaway (Jan 1967 - Jan 1968. I was with the Headquarters Platoon and worked as a Radio Operator, Flight Operations Maintenance Clerk and a PLL Clerk for the Company Motor Pool. I had no idea this site was here and I feel fortunate to have located it. I have been looking for the Bikini Patch and the Headquarters Platoon Patch and now have the information to obtain those. I know this is a great site and will share my pictures in the near future.
October - 7 - 2006 (Saturday) 00:54 - Columbia, South Carolina

[189] SFC Robert E Dash (Retired) |
Just logged back on site. Have not been on site for a while; saw I missed the reunion. Thought I better update my info.
September - 4 - 2006 (Monday) 11:06 - Westville,IN

[188] Donald T. MacKinnon |
I am still alive, don't know why I googled this today? The 170th is and has and forever will be part of my life. It was great to see the pictures, especially of Lt Willis and his AWESUM crew. He was a great pilot.
August - 28 - 2006 (Monday) 17:38 - Bradenton FL.

[187] Rex Morris |
Just returned from Reno reunion where I met some ole buddies that brought back memories. Thanks to all who put this program together.
August - 25 - 2006 (Friday) 20:08 - Huntsville - AL.

[186] John K Shanks |
Glad to see the web sit is going good.
I have moved to Ky. and a new e-mail address.
Sure miss you all.I think about all the fun we had every day.
August - 18 - 2006 (Friday) 12:45 - Campbellsville Ky

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