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[185] Carlton Privett |
August - 16 - 2006 (Wednesday) 23:02 - MARGATE FLORIDA

[184] Tom Reeves |
Great news! Thanks to this web site, I finally found and talked over 4 hours with my "stick buddy", and fellow DSC receipant, Bill Silverstein. Man do I feel great!! I'm gonna' arrive in Reno on 11 Aug and depart on the 15th. bill saye that he too will be there. Hope there is a great turn out. See Ya', Tom Reeves, Colonel, AUS Retired, and Master Army Aviator
July - 8 - 2006 (Saturday) 10:29 - Unicoi , Tennessee

[183] Tom Lumpkin |
Welcome Home to ALL-
"Lumpy" here, 119th Avionics and Holloway Bunkerline Body Jan-Dec '70.
Hope to catch up with all I can afford to buy an adult beverage for !!
June - 21 - 2006 (Wednesday) 14:57 - Northern Virginia

[182] Bill Mc Donald |
Great site! Was CE in 1st flight 68-69. Pilot was Gary Odom, gunner Joe Brooke. Health and happiness to the entire 170th Brotherhood.
June - 17 - 2006 (Saturday) 14:00 - Surprise, AZ

[181] Henry Winther |
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June - 10 - 2006 (Saturday) 16:11 - Round Lake, IL

[180] Steve Mueller |
Just found this site!! Crew-Chief Oct '67 - Oct '68 Pleiku, Slicks and finished tour in the BUCS. Like to hear from anyone! Russell Elliot, Walter Winterrath, ET AL. WELCOME HOME, BROTHERS!!!
June - 9 - 2006 (Friday) 11:24 - Lincoln City, OR

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Guestbook email reply sent with contact info for Russell and Walter.
New Member Contact, status updated in 170th Web Roster...

[179] Michael J. Donegan |
Submitting new e-mail address
May - 27 - 2006 (Saturday) 16:26 - 5301 Talbot Road So. R - 101, Renton, WA.98055

170th Guestbook Manager:   170th Web Roster Updated to show recent contact information update (Living) * 05/06

[178] Dave Talbot |
Noticed I am not in the register. Served as gunship Pilot, Jan 66 thru July 66 WO1 David R. Talbot
May - 15 - 2006 (Monday) 11:33 - Silverton, OR

170th Guestbook Manager:   email sent back to David that 170th Roster would be updated with his information and for him to contact: Paul Wilson - Bikini POC to get on the 170th mailing list to receive our mailings.

[177] David Baker |
Great web site! Entered after getting a post card about the Re-union in Aug. ('be trying hard to go) Great to see Ron Sanders and 262-I considered it my a/c during my time! Not so happpy time memories of 616! (mine too)
Bikini 11 all of '69.
May - 11 - 2006 (Thursday) 13:35 - Mesa, AZ

170th Guestbook Manager:   emailed latest known information about the Reno Reunion, and Hope to meet him there. 170th Web Roster Status updated

[176] Don Dixon |
I just clicked into this to sign on and I started reading wow! I go now.

aka: Dix, Mr.Dixon
May - 8 - 2006 (Monday) 20:39 - Kent, WA.

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[175] Stephanie Hyrup |
Brother Tom Griffee served 170th AHC. KIA 10/22/67, Crewchief, Camp Holloway. Pictures of him would be priceless to my family. Thanks
May - 6 - 2006 (Saturday) 10:53 - Grand Junction, CO

170th Guestbook Manager:   170th Members - Check your photos from '67 to see if you can provide a picture or two of Tom Griffee

[174] Bob Byrne |
Bob Rooney and Roger Stockham,
are you guys going to Reno ???

Bob Byrne
Door Gunner July '68 - Jan '69
May - 6 - 2006 (Saturday) 02:36 - Elizabeth City, NC

170th Guestbook Manager:   email sent to Bob, Sorry but we have no contact information for either of these 170th members. Please let me know if any contact is made, or if anyone knows their details, so that the 170th will be able to reach them.

[173] Donald F. Peters |
Really enjoyed the site.
May - 4 - 2006 (Thursday) 09:47 - Dinwiddie VA

170th Guestbook Manager:   email sent back to Donald that 170th Roster would be updated to show his recent contact with the 170th and for him to contact: Paul Wilson - Bikini POC to get on the 170th mailing list to receive our mailings

[172] James Munford |
Looking for the e-mail address of Dan Hamilton, Class of '69. Had it, but lost it. Thanks. V/r, Jim
April - 17 - 2006 (Monday) 11:27

170th Guestbook Manager:   05/10/06 emailed Jim the email address I had for Dan Hamilton

[171] Larry Atwood |
Just came back on the site again and realized I have never posted a message. I was in the 361st, 119th and the 170th. Served in the 170th at Kontum from May thru the end of July 1970. Call sign Bikini 27. Looking back the single greated honor I was was ever given in my life was being designated Red Lead. My A/C was 588. Its in the Red book with the 2 sets of blades I destroyed out on FOB missions. Only two days apart but in between I made CW2. Guess I should have taken out a 3rd set of blades. Just finish John Plaster's SOG book. So many of those missions I remember but had not thought of in 30 years.
I will be at VHPA, probably up in the Panther suite. Drop by and say hello. I'd like to make the 170th reunion in Reno but can't commit now.
March - 31 - 2006 (Friday) 20:42

[170] Bruce Price |
Have been trying to get signed in for awhile. More later
March - 23 - 2006 (Thursday) 16:46 - Jonesboro, AR

170th Guestbook Manager:   I emailed Bruce to let me know what problems he was having. No reply back
New 170th Memebr Contact to the 170th, we want to hear from you...

[169] Henry Winther | | www.170th.org
From: Sue Beasey Sent: Friday, February 24, 2006 7:46 PM
Subject: Jim Beasey

Jim had been getting info from you about the 170th assault helicopter company reunions. Just wanted to let you know that he passed away 1/24/06 from agent orange related lung cancer.

Sue Beasey (his spouse)
If you need any more info, *****
(Please contact the 170th for how to reach Sue)
February - 27 - 2006 (Monday) 00:34 - Round Lake, IL

[168] Thomas M. Reeves (Tom) |
Flew with 170th from January-July 1967. I moved to the beautiful mountains of North East Tennessee last August. Retired as an 06 in 1966, after 33 great Army years. Email address is tmreeves@mindspring.com. Write when you can.
February - 10 - 2006 (Friday) 19:11 - Unicoi, TN

170th Guestbook Manager:   emailed details on upcoming 170th Reunion
Updated Web Roster to show latest contact

[167] Mike Willis |
Thanks to all of you in the 170th! And thank you to all those who have contributed to this site and given me an idea of what my dad did for a year. My father was a Bikini, AC Henry Willis. I did find through this site that he crashed 64-13824 on 12/23/1966 into some trees. Sorry to any of you out there who were injured during that. If anyone remembers him I would love to hear from you. He never talked about it. I wish he had. Thanks again to all of you who have served our country.
January - 30 - 2006 (Monday) 00:09 - Oak Ridge, TN

170th Guestbook Manager:   Reply sent to Mike Willis, and further emails sent from Paul Wilson and George Crawford giving more details about the 170th and letting everyone know of his interest in hearing about his dad and the 170th. Mike's offer of photos of his Dad are in the works, so watch the 170th Gallery for their posting...
02/01/06 WILLIS66 Gallery Album Created

[166] Carl Brader '70-'71 |
Just dropping by to wish everyone a Happy, Healthy and Safe New Year.
December - 30 - 2005 (Friday) 16:30 - Addison, IL.

[165] Vincent J. Sullivan |
I was Panther 34 from Oct 70 to Oct 71. I just found this site. Looking good.
December - 11 - 2005 (Sunday) 18:27

[164] Arthur J. McGehee, SGM (Ret) |
Hello to all that served. I was the TI for the 170th AHC from Jan '66 to Jan '67. It was an honor to serve with all of you. Thank you for a job well done and welcome home!!!!!! I would like to hear from any of you.
December - 7 - 2005 (Wednesday) 07:32 - Plantation, FL

[163] Howard Furr |
Served with the 170th 1969 to 1970. Hope to hear from some of you guys - just found this site.
November - 24 - 2005 (Thursday) 23:13 - Sumerduck, VA 22742

[162] Kimberly Chabot |
My father was Major Don Chabot, he died in Viet Nam when I was nine. I have just spoken to Jim Brewster for the first time. I have listened to stories and personal insights about the man who I knew only from the eyes of a child. Thank you for this site, for with the help of another Viet Nam Vet, David Evans and all of his research I am able to know my father through the eyes of his friends. It has been nearly 40 years since his death. To say thank you seems hollow, but appreciation flows from the depths of my soul.
With Care,
October - 9 - 2005 (Sunday) 00:33 - Vancouver, WA

170th Guestbook Manager:   Thank You Kimberly... email sent with additional 170th contacts and information. James Brewster was missing from 170th Roster, contact information and 170th details sorted out and he is now a New Entry into the 170th Unit Roster.

[161] Michael R. Schneider CW4,USA (RET) |
Just wanted to list new contact info. I was a mechanic-TI with 405th TC Det (CHFM) from May '66 through Dec '67. Spent time at Plei Me, Tay Ninh, Dak To, etc. during busy 18 months.
September - 23 - 2005 (Friday) 21:56 - Fayetteville, NC

[160] Michael J. Donegan.......Bikini Mike |
I was in the unit from 10-67 thru 11-68, they use to call me "Bunker Mike". always getting shot or blown-up..... This is a beautiful site and brought back many good, and bad memories. I usually flew with number "Bikini 19", Class 67-11a1 Wolters and 67-13b2 Rucker. I have many pics and patches, will try to get them on this site. May be embarrassing to some, but we were young. Fred and Larry..... I won't say anything about Hong Kong.......... Emy won't either.........
September - 9 - 2005 (Friday) 15:17 - Renton, WA 98055

170th Guestbook Manager:   format and spelling correction done
11/03/05 email changed to current email address

[159] Russell Elliott |
Went over with the 57th AHC Oct '67, was transfered to the 170th AHC. Flew with the 2nd platoon during the battle of Dak To. Was moved to the guns (Bucs) where I stayed till end of tour, Oct '68.
September - 7 - 2005 (Wednesday) 16:57 - Archer, FL

170th Guestbook Manager:   format and spelling correction done

[158] Howard Boling |
I was with the 170th in '70 and '71. Called me, Shorty.
Blake Pennington's wife told me many years ago, Blake was killed while in the states.
Anyone know the where abouts of John (Big John) Gillipsie?
Please all my friends can get a hold of me at: boling7461@msn.com
I am in Canada where I moved in Feb '05 for medical reasons, cause the VA sucks and only helps the ones they want.
Fly above the clouds all,
from me "the Shorty"
August - 30 - 2005 (Tuesday) 19:52 - Burnaby, Canada

170th Guestbook Manager:   format and spelling correction done

[157] Henry Winther | | www.170th.org/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.pl?board=170th_Current_Emails;
From: Sherman Batman [mailto:batman@frontiernet.net]
Sent: Sunday, August 21, 2005 7:32 AM
To: "wec@cham-cor.com"@frontiernet.net
Cc: michael.woodgerd@us.army.mil
Subject: Kedenburg Mission June 13, 1968 / Bright Lights Mission 13/14 June 1968

Would you be so kind as to poll your membership to ascertain if any of the Pilots / Crewmen remember flying the above mentioned missions.

I am MSG (Ret) Sherman R. Batman former One Zero of ST Illinois that the 170th so ably supported on several insertions and extractions into and out of "Prairie Fire" during the Spring and Summer of 1968. I am presently engaged in an electronic correspondence with a retired RLO who is interested in writing an article on John Kedenburg MOH and was KIA on the 13th of June '68. I can supply some details as to my participation in the Bright Lights mission but only the pilots / crewmen can supply some of the very important details as to the extraction of John's Team and on the 14th my team.


See 170th YaBB Forum to Add your Information
August - 26 - 2005 (Friday) 00:28 - Round Lake, IL

[156] Charles E Kernodle |
I visit often, such a wonderful site. It is nice to read messages from those of us who served and from the civis out there who are able to share a piece of our history. I am proud to have served in the 170th with so many fine men, regards Drydock 6 (Feb 69 - Feb 70)
August - 20 - 2005 (Saturday) 15:06 - Clayton, NC

[155] Alan Mixer |
I happened to see your site-and read some of the war stories-great stuff! I was crewchief of Gator/108 119th AHC -Sep69-Feb70. Transfered in from 101st ABN Div. after 13 months. Flew 650 hrs in the same AO as 170th. I shared a hanger cot with your guys in late 69, after we lost many ships in the sapper attack in Camp Radcliff - An Khe. Was there the evening one of your Bucs was shot down by bunker guards - still am pissed at that one. Great site guys. Mix Gator/108
August - 18 - 2005 (Thursday) 15:59 - Southbruy, CT

[154] John M Ogle |
Haven't signed in since I changed my E-Mail address. Great site and would like to hear from anyone I served with at Camp Holloway in the 405th TC from late Feb. 1967 to March 1968. I worked in the Electric shop with Clarence Chilton then later Steve Reed (my replacement).

Welcome Home Brothers and Sisters
August - 8 - 2005 (Monday) 01:26 - Rio Rancho, NM

[153] Jari Salo |
What a great site ! As a member in The Larry Thorne Memorial Guild here in Finland and by knowing few SpecOps Veterans of VN, I am very much interested in all these kind of Special Sites ! GREAT !!!!!!
visit www.larrythorne.com
July - 26 - 2005 (Tuesday) 07:16 - Seinajoki, Finland

[152] Bill Brumfield |
I am one of the first Buck Crew Chief's. I crewed for Buck 6 and was in the 170th from Jan 1966 to Jan 1967. My aircraft tail number was 66-16173. I just wanted to give my email address to anyone who I served with, would love to here from you. Welcome Home Brothers.
July - 25 - 2005 (Monday) 15:17 - Palm Bay, FL

[151] Frederick C. Roberts |
Found the site a while back and just returned. What a great job you've done. I was with the 170th from Nov. 69 to Nov. 70. Flew slicks out of Pleiku with Cpt. Mike and BJ when he was in guns. What a sad day when they left us.Flew guns out of Kontum as "Buc 1" and was there through Dak Pek and Dak Seang.One of my most prized possessions from Vietnam is the text of "An Ice Cream Season" by Cpt. Mike.

Would like to know any information on any reunions.

Read the story by Bill Straton on the "sniffer mission" with Cpt. Knight. He was flying 623 which was my gun ship and I'm glad everyone made it back OK. I was on R&R.
July - 23 - 2005 (Saturday) 22:37 - Sumner, WA 98390

[150] Frank Terrell, CW4, USA, Retired |
Excellent site. I was the personnel warrant for the 52nd CAB, Nov 69 - Dec 70. If you came through the battalion on your way to the 170th during this period, we met, however briefly. Retired in '84; currently in the RTP area of North Carolina with Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC). Best wishes and warmest regards to all. Frank Terrell
July - 16 - 2005 (Saturday) 21:28 - North Carolina, NC

[149] Ralph Chappell |
CW2 Lester Alan Hansen was a flight school classmate of mine....he remains MIA. I am doing a research project regarding his loss. Hansen was the AC onboard a Charlie Model Gunship tail number 66-15136 that was shot down on 13 Aug 69. All four members of the crew survived the landing and were picked up by the C&C aircraft. Tragically, Hansen was not able to get inside the aircraft and clung to the skids as the aircraft pulled out of the crash site. Hansen fell from the skids from an altitude of 100-500 feet and about 300 meters east of the downed aircraft. The Pilots of the C&C aircraft were Billy McDonald (AC), now deceased following an aircraft accident in Ecuador, and Ron Cotton. The area was searched both by air and by means of some troops on the ground. Hansen was not located and the downed aircraft was destroyed in place. This action took place near where the Sang Sung river turns sharply to the east, southwest of Kontum and north of Chu Pa.

I am looking for anyone that has any information whatsoever that pertains to the incident. I am in contact with the Army folks in Hawaii and will be forwarding any information I develop to them for their use in trying to locate Hansen's remains. Please feel free to contact me no matter how insignificant you think your information might be.

Ralph Chappell
Geronimo 33
205th Avn Co (ASH)
Phu Loi, RVN
June - 27 - 2005 (Monday) 00:10 - Winston-Salem, NC

[148] Rick Ward |
Bob Utecht, been along time,that was then, and this is now. write,it's only been 35 years.
June - 24 - 2005 (Friday) 23:48 - Vancouver, WA

[147] Robert Terry | | www.57thahc.com
I like this site. Lots of information ...will definetly visit again.
Just want to let you guys know that I'm in the process of publishing the 1970-71 52nd CAB yearbook at


and the 170th is included...and is 99% complete.
June - 1 - 2005 (Wednesday) 21:24 - Nocona TX

170th Guestbook Manager:   170th User Links now have entries to the 57thahc.com and to the 170th Yearbook Section. Yearbook Source Files are being sent by Robert so we can have a local copy of the 170th pages. My Thanks, Henry

[146] Jeff Chambers |
Any body here know Mike O'Donnell?
May - 31 - 2005 (Tuesday) 20:10 - Texas TX

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