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[65] Gerald D. Gardner [ Jerry ] |
Reposted entry from
Thu, 29 Apr 2004 19:46:28 -0700 (PDT)

HELLO, I was with the 170th in 67 - 68 as a crewchief, Earl Wilson
was one of my gunners, may God bless him, a good friend still today.
I was looking at the picture of the 2nd platoon on your site.
I saw mine and Earl's name under the picture, but the picture was of
a different group of men. I know they would like this corrected, if possible.
Would someone please look into this.
Thanks, this is a special place to visit and may GOD Bless you all.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 13:53 - Rowlett, TX 75088

[64] Jim Bohoson |
Reposted entry from
Thu, 22 Apr 2004 02:31:54 -0700 (PDT)

What a great site.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 13:49 - not given

[63] Rick Jepson |
Reposted entry from
Tue, 13 Apr 2004 21:59:32 -0700 (PDT)

Was In The 1st Platoon From 4/70 Till Company Broke-Up,
Went To The 1st Cav In An Son Till 4/71.
May You All Have Peace, Love & Happiness In Your Lives
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 13:47 - San Francisco, CA

[62] Jerry E Light |
Reposted entry from
Tue, 13 Apr 2004 20:29:33 -0700 (PDT)

I am trying to piece my life together and would appreciate any info you can send me.
I beleive I was in the 170th in 67 & 68 with Jimmy Ford but can't remember what I did.
Any help you can give me would help. If you want call my number is 423-967-4642.
I sure could use some help.
Thanks for your help
Major Jerry E. Light
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 13:40 - Johnson City, TN

[61] Ivan Gere |
Reposted entry from
Thu, 8 Apr 2004 10:21:47 -0700 (PDT)

I was a member of the 170th Assault Helicopter Company
June of 1966 - June of 1967 both as a crewchief and in maintenance.
(Major Richard Brown was my AC)
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 13:27 - Spanaway, WA

[60] John Page |
Reposted entry from
Mon, 5 Apr 2004 10:07:49 -0700 (PDT)

I served with the 405th from June '68 to October '68, I came down
from Kontum the 57th AHC, 615TC. Det. with Eddie Reidel.
This looks like a great site and I'm looking forward to going through it.
Does anybody have contact with Fred Barton,
he was from Texas or Oklahoma, also was in 405th.
Welcome Home All!
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 13:23 - Kunkletown, PA. 18058

[59] John R. Page Jr |
Reposted entry from
Mon, 5 Apr 2004 09:53:37 -0700 (PDT)

I served with the 405th from June '68 to October '68,
I was originally with the 615TC Det 57th AHC in Kontum.
I look forward to checking out this web site.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 13:20 - Kunkletown, PA 18058

[58] Soren Johnson |
Reposted entry from
Sat, 27 Mar 2004 17:09:48 -0800 (PST)

170th Aug 1968 to Mar 1970
Shot down with Capt Kirk in 1968
Looking for the guys who pulled us out of LZ in 1968 out side Dukto(sp) Dak To?
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 13:11 - Puyallup, WA

[57] Hope Summers |
Reposted entry from
Tue, 23 Mar 2004 16:54:57 -0800 (PST)

For all that are concerned about the SOA finding me. I had a nice gentleman and his wife. They came up and presented me with a plaque for Don's service. It is a really beautiful plaque and when I get use to Don's camera and how to operate it I will take a picture and send it to the web master for show and tell. Thank all of you for your support since Don passed and I love all you guys.
Hope Summers
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 13:08 - Piedmont, SC

[56] J. J. (John) Williams, Jr. |
Reposted entry from
Sun, 21 Mar 2004 21:11:00 -0800 (PST)

Thanks for keeping the unit alive. What a great bunch of patriots.
Thanks so much for sharing part of your lives with me.
I salute you!!
JJ (Buc 2 70-71)
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 13:04 - Lakewood, WA

[55] Dewayne (Nick) Hart |
Reposted entry from
Fri, 23 Jan 2004 08:11:04 -0800 (PST)

I was with the 170th from 29 MAR'68 TO 29 MAR'69. I Started in Maintenance, then Slicks, and finally to Guns my last 6 months in country. I still wear my Tail Rotor Bracelete and will till all POW'S are Home or Accounted For.
I will never forget my adventures in Nam and wish I could see some of my Old Buddies.
God's Speed.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 12:40 - Porter, TX

[54] Mike Dombeck |
Reposting entry from
Fri, 7 Nov 2003 17:55:10 -0800 (PST)

Served with 170TH 67-68, WO WORNIK pilot
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 12:10 - Wadena, MN

[53] Henry Winther | | www.170th.org

Reposting of Old 170th Guestbook Entries Is In Progress...

A Re-Order of entries will be done once the Old postings have been entered...
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 10:06 - Round Lake, IL

[52] Sam Conde |
Reposted entry from
Fri Mar 12 18:31:34 2004

I just was surfing the net and checked this site. I'd like to thank the men of the 170th for the fine job they did during my tour of duty. I am still in contact with WO Ken Roth who was my roommate. CSO John McKee "Crusher" has passed away in the last couple of years. They were both Buccaneers. Ken works for VA in Boston. Sam Conde Cpt USAR
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 10:03 - South Haven, MI

[51] Bob Cheatham |
Reposted entry from
Fri Mar 12 13:03:08 2004

Your site is great! The cartoons, the music, Just great! Former Huey Passenger, 199th Light Inf and 1/2 Infantry of BRO.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 10:01 - Dearborn, MI

[50] Jim Adams |
Reposted entry from
Thu Mar 11 17:14:14 2004

Hello and Welcome Home to all. I was in the 170th in 1970. Would like to hear from any or all.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 10:00 - Ray, OH

[49] Hal Manns |
Reposted entry from
Thu Mar 11 13:35:48 2004

Loved you guys. Wish Al Larson was still around, and many others. Hal Manns Panther 16 321-777-3884 FOB II
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:58 - Satellite Beach, FL 32937

[48] Jim Brewster | | www.penrithfarms.com
Reposted entry from
Wed Mar 10 18:30:51 2004

This is the upteenth time that I have tried to sign this guest book. I was with the original crew from Benning. Flew in Don Chabot's platoon. Transferred to the 174th in April of '66. Looking for anybody that I might know. Jim Brewster
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:57 - Newport, WA

[47] Merritt J. Trowbridge (Jim) |
Reposted entry from
Mon Mar 8 11:08:03 2004

Jim Trowbridge 170th AHC and 192nd AHC Aug '70 Aug '71
(Guest Book Entry: received as email)
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:54 - Gold Beach, OR

[46] Bob Alberts |
Reposted entry from
Fri Jan 23 08:44:49 2004

I have been asked to try and locate crew who may have flown or were in the 170th between Oct 66 and May 67. A local museum in Maine has mounted 65-09915 and it was one of yours during that time. It was also a C/227th bird and a 129th bird and I will be contacting them as well. They want to dedicate this aircraft and are attempting to try and find some contacts. The Helicopter is Mounted at the Cole Land and Transportation Museum in Bangor, Maine as a monument to Viet-Nam Veterans. Bob Alberts
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:33 - Maine / emailed entry

[45] Jimmy Orr |
Reposted entry from
Mon Jan 12 07:03:56 2004

Greeting to all my brothers of the 170th. For those of you who knew Mike Pritchard, he lost a brave battle with cancer late last year.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:31 - Copperas Cove, TX

[44] Pat Serna |
Reposted entry from
Thu Jan 8 15:39:18 2004

Steve Smith was asking about the well that ignited one nite at Camp Holloway. I was one those persons that looked into the well at the the wrong time... Burned my hands & face was out of action for a couple weeks... I was with Bikini's Jan '69 to Jan '70.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:30 - Redding, CA

[43] Stephen Henriques |
Reposted entry from
Tue Jan 6 12:36:51 2004

I was a doorgunner known as "Squirt" in the 1st platoon OCT 67 - NOV 68 was wondering if anyone knows of the anything or the where abouts of my crew chief Sam Murray or pilot CW4 Wesley Komilenen I'm also glad that I found the site and keep up the good work.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:28 - Brockton, MA

[42] Gene H. Williams |
Reposted entry from
Sun Dec 28 11:47:10 2003

I served at MACVSOG FOB-2 Kontum from April- Nov 68 as 10 of RT Delaware. 170th pulled us out of X-3 under fire, out of H3 in a tight situation, on strings on a brightlight out of H1 and others. A friend Gordan Denniston served as a pilot in 170th in c1967. Wouldn't mind talking to him. Thanks for the site.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:26 - McLean, VA

[41] Gary Ott | | www.fobmob26.org
Reposted entry from
Mon Dec 22 09:14:33 2003

Welcome Home! to All My Brother's May you all have a Great Christmas and a Happy New Year in the 170th AHC from April 1970 - till the company derosed back to the states. in the 7/17th CAV till Sept 1971
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:25 - Sparks, NV

[40] Dan Weiss |
Reposted entry from
Sun Nov 9 13:10:50 2003

I am writing a book about Michael O'Donnell, who was lost in Cambodia on 24 March '70. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who served with Michael in Pleiku or Kontum (Oct '69-March '70). I also would like to know if anyone remembers a memorial service on 1 Jan '70 in which Micheal read his poem "If you are able..." Many thanks for any help you can offer. Dan Weiss (dweiss@jhu.edu)
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:22 - Baltimore, MD

[39] Jim Kreutz |
Reposted entry from
Sat Nov 8 16:44:01 2003

Best wishes to all Bucs & Bikinis-- we shared alot of memorable times and missions!
A special high-five to Bob Snead, Hope you are doing well!!
Jim Kreutz Avenger VIII Sept'67-Sept'68
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:20 - Spanaway, WA

[38] James F Perkins |
Reposted entry from
Wed Nov 5 17:52:22 2003

With the 170TH as Gunner 1/69 - 10/69
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:17 - Plymouth, MI 48170

170th Guestbook Manager:   Msg Found during email reposting project:
I am a member of the VVA 528 in Plymouth, MI and found your site through
them. I am very interested and would like more info. Is there a membership list, How Do I look up old friends Ect...
Please Reply, Jim Perkins
170TH 2nd Platoon, Camp Holloway
Call Sign: Triple Duce

[37] George Ginda |
Reposted entry from
Wed Oct 29 18:25:37 2003

Aircraft Arm. Repair Buccaneer July 66 - July 67. Back at home was instructor at Aberdeen.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:15 - Califon, NJ

[36] Kerry Pardue | | www.geocities.com/nammedic247
Reposted entry from
Tue Oct 28 12:46:10 2003

Looking any medics who were assigned to 755th Medical Detachment at 170th AHC basecamp at Camp Holloway, during 1968-1969.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:13 - Chandler, AZ 85224

[35] Teresa | | www.jacklstanley.com
Reposted entry from
Sat Oct 18 14:05:10 2003

I am trying to find some people that knew our dad, Jack Stanley (AKA, Texas Jack or Sgt. Rock). He was a Bikini in 1967-68? I left the link above for the site I am working on. I would love to hear some stories from those that served with him. He hardly spoke about the war, as I expect a lot have not. He passed away Sept 2, 2003 from lung cancer that the Dr's said was from Agent Orange. Any clues? Thanks!
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:11 - Portland, OR

[34] Pete Peterson |
Reposted entry from
Fri Sep 26 13:23:11 2003

Paul, I keep getting an invalid email on your contact. I am a friend of Don Summers. I am helping him with his claim. I am an accredited representative witht the Military Order of the Purple Heart. If I can be of help to any of the guy, let me know. Pete
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:10 - none given

[33] Joseph (Joe) F. Morales |
Reposted entry from
Thu Sep 25 20:25:55 2003

Would like any information concerning Richard Hardy. Served with Bikinis 1969.Sp5 Hardy was Bingham, NY. Any information on his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated. For those of you alive, and HOME IN THE WORLD, I hope life has been good to each and everyone of you who served, God Bless YOU All.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:08 - Stockton, CA

[32] Carl Brader |
Reposted entry from
Sat Sep 13 19:11:39 2003

Just checking in, been a busy summer! Take care all. '70-'71
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:04 - Addison, IL

[31] Herb Ford |
Reposted entry from
Wed Sep 3 06:58:17 2003

Was with the 405th TC, from Nov 67 to Aug 68. Good work keep it up.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:03 - Walton, IN

[30] Robert Hettiger |
Reposted entry from
Sat Aug 30 04:53:30 2003

We need to update the Center of Military Hisory, records on the history of the 170th Assault Helicopter Co.the Military Awards Branch still denies some of us , the Presidential Unit Citation, awarded to the 170th by MACV/SOG.Best Wishes Bob Hettiger
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:02 - East Hampton, ??

[29] Richard Marr |
Reposted entry from
Sun Aug 24 11:52:40 2003

Trying to find any infromation about CWO Alan Hansen. MIA 13 Aug 69. First name was actually Lester, although I never knew him by that. Good site appreciate all the effort that went into building it.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 09:00 - Pueblo West, CO

[28] Richard Marr |
Reposted entry from
Sun Aug 24 11:48:32 2003

Trying to find any infromation about Alan Hansen. MIA 13 Aug 69.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:58 - Pueblo West, CO

[27] Dai-uy Matt Beyeler |
Reposted entry from
Fri Jul 25 20:19:33 2003

I was assigned to CCC (FOB II), MAGSOG, 5th SFG in 1970, and was XO of Recon Co for a while... I was a "strap hanger" with SSG Mike Sheppard, SGT Mike Bentley, and MSG Behler on RT Montana in Mar71... I actually took the photo of RT Montana that is on your FOB II page... I was amazed to see it, and glad for it... A great RT, we were on a mission due west of Dakto, just inside the border, looking for a NVA sapper battalion... Some of their LZ/trail watchers found us first though, and we were extracted under fire by you guys, off of a grass-covered ridge that dropped down to a valley full of campfires, the sapper base camp... I remember the Cobra minigun bullets snapping past our left door as the pilots dropped the Huey down and right, off the ridge and down a ravine, while the Cobras strafed the adjacent ridge to our left... I have told anyone who would listen that US Army helicopter pilots in RVn were the best, and that as long as they thought that we RT types on the ground were still alive, they would keep trying to come in and get you... My beret's off to you all... Matt
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:56 - Irvine, CA

[26] Harry Spira |
Reposted entry from
Tue Jun 10 18:57:06 2003

I Served as a Gunner with the 170th from 9/66 to 9/67 We had the Best Pilots. I Would Fly Anywhere with them, and I did. Welcome Home Clear Right.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:54 - Melborne, FL

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