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[25] James Wood |
Reposted entry from
Sun Jun 1 22:00:34 2003

James Wood 189th AVN Co Jan 1970 Dec 1970 attached to 52nd AVN Bn Combat Avionics shop. I read a message on here last week from a WO1 Joseph (jj) Cosgriff. He was in the attachment when I was there. I cannot find his comments... the guest book seems to show just the latest ones. I know his email is josephcos@msn.com am desperiately trying to get hold of him ASAP. have emailed but no reply. if someone out there has any info as to where I can call him even a town and state would be helpful. I would appreciate it. James Wood - Thanks
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:53 - Stephenville, TX

[24] Allan Williams |
Reposted entry from
Sat May 31 16:33:48 2003

I was with the 119th in 67 & 68. Looking for an old friend and class mate. Bob Simon, 170th the same years, gun pilot and IP.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:51 - Luling, TX

[23] Steven Smith |
Reposted entry from
Tue May 20 12:42:56 2003

Actually, I was with H&H, 17th Group. I'd get passed from outfit to outfit as the need arose... I worked with the 170th in... April & May (???) of 69. I recall that someone was digging a well out behind the maint. hooch at the time. Anyway, the potheads would drop JP4 into the well, light it, and watch it dance on the water at the bottom all the while saying: "Cool!" "Far out!" and "Wow! Too much, man!" One night, the fumes in the well shaft hit some critical mixture and the whole thing erupted into a huge blowtorch... with all of the potheads gazing into it saying: "Cool!" "Far out!" and "Wow! Too much, man!" Anybody else recall that? Nobody was seriously hurt; however, they sure looked funny with no eyebrows 'till they grew back. You also had an insane tanker driver with a "Stars & Bars" flag who shouldn't have been allowed to run loose, let alone push a 5 ton through traffic. As I recall, he had accumulated an impressive body count. Steven Smith aka: !Jones on alt.war.vietnam
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:50 - not given

[22] Dennis Durak |
Reposted entry from
Sat Apr 5 19:04:22 2003

I was assigned with the 170th Helicopter Co. in Kontum from Aug 69 to Aug 70. Flew with the Bikinis and Bucs, performed maintenance; and did everything that us guys used to do over there.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:48 - Orland Park, IL

[21] Thomas F. Adams |
Reposted entry from
Mon Mar 31 18:52:03 2003

I was in 170th in 1969-70 don't remember a lot but have not forgot there... tony kg4fxn
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:47 - Calhoun, GA

[20] David Carrell |
Reposted entry from
Sat Mar 29 15:16:35 2003

My dad Tom Carrell was Bikini 22 in the 67-68 time frame and I just wanted to stop in and say hi.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:45 - Huntley, IL

[19] Marty Heuer |
Reposted entry from
Sun Mar 16 12:00:58 2003

Hello, Marty Heuer again. I am also looking for three other members of the 170th for the same reason as my last mail: Captain Conro(?) Lieutenant Stewart (?) and a SP5 Verdicki (?). These three people were mentioned on a tape of a 1st Brigade commanders conference song contest held in Nha Trang on 13 August 1966, but the first names were not given and I have to guess what their surnames were. Hope you can help! Thanks, Marty
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:44 - Seminole, FL

[18] Marty Heuer |
Reposted entry from
Sun Mar 16 11:25:39 2003

I am a fellow aviator (174th AHC)'66-'67 and writing a book about the Songs of the Army in VN. Currently looking for Charles T. Heberle, a 170th pilot in 66-67 who sang with a group of 170th pilots in '66 at 1st Brigade song contests. His address in the VHPA directory is no longer current. Can you help me find him? For more info on me go to:http://facstaff.buffalostate.edu/fishlm/folksongs/marty.htm Thanks for your help! Marty
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:42 - Seminole, FL

[17] A Jack Loken Jr |
Reposted entry from
Thu Mar 6 23:03:53 2003

I was assigned to the 189th gun plt. during 1970 departed country Dec 70. I just wanted to pass on to you according to the Ocala Star Banner that at noon today 7 Mar 03 Berman Ganoe will be laid to rest in Ocala Fl. The status of the rest of the men who where with him is not known to me at this time, I will ask his family if they have any word and let you know. Anyone wishing more information feel free to email me.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:40 - Ocala, FL

[16] Mike Hayes |
Reposted entry from
Sun Mar 2 21:23:34 2003

Thanks to whoever put up the site I shipped from Fort Campbell, Ky 66 several of us went to Boun Me Thout 155 I think.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:38 - Clearwater, FL

[15] Paul Russell | | www.realestateutah.com
Reposted entry from
Sat Mar 1 09:37:27 2003

I was a crewchief in 2nd platoon in Aug 69 to Aug 70, have photos I would like to share.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:36 - Sandy, UT

[14] Dave Larcomb |
Reposted entry from
Sat Feb 22 12:14:31 2003

I sailed with the 170th from Ft. Benning on the USS John Pope. Arrived in country and lived in tents while the ROK troops provided security. Flew with Lucky Brooker in the Buccaneers UHI-C Brand new helicopter. Tail number 64-14147 1965-1966 We protected the Bikinis.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:34 - Delaware, OH

[13] Dan Dantzler |
Reposted entry from
Wed Feb 19 23:36:10 2003

I got an email with all the known 170th email addresses last week. There was my first crew chief William (Bill) Brumfield. We have been shooting emails back and forth. It also told about this web site. We were with the originals who shipped over from Fort Benning. Great outfit!!!
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:33 - Radcliff/Fort Knox, KY

[12] Ron Sanders |
Reposted entry from
Mon Feb 17 11:52:13 2003

Looking good! The 170th website is airborne once again. I served at Camp Holloway from 1/69 to 1/70. I was the crewchief on the 262 slick from 5/69. My AC was Bikini 11, W01 David Baker.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:31 - Springfield, MA

[11] Mark Feinberg |
Reposted entry from
Mon Feb 10 06:09:08 2003

Great job guys. Happy to see this back up and running. Anything I can do to help let me know. Best Regards to all, Mark
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:29 - Highland, MD

[10] Roberet Scott Brumbaugh |
Reposted entry from
Sat Feb 8 09:00:50 2003

I will make it to one of the reunions sometime. 70/71 Kontum
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:27 - Calhoun, LA 44430

[9] Paul R. Wilson | | wsx.net/170th
Reposted entry from
Mon Feb 3 13:42:35 2003

I serve as Point of Contact (POC) for 170th AHC and attached. I have what addresses there are do I have yours? I served in 405th TC and CE in 170th Nov 66 thru Feb 68. Henry is doing his second greatest thing.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:26 - OH

[8] Carl Brader |
Reposted entry from
Mon Feb 3 08:12:41 2003

I was the C/E on slick 135 from Oct'70-the unit was deactivated in '71. It's good to see the 170th site back up and running. To Henry and all those involved, Thank You!
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:24 - Addison, IL

[7] Tom Carrell |
Reposted entry from
Mon Feb 3 04:00:05 2003

Thanks for getting the site up and running again. It is our history and we need to preserve it. Bikini 22 Jun-Nov 67
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:22 - Lawrenceburg, IN

[6] Earl Wilson |
Reposted entry from
Thu Jan 30 22:18:01 2003

Great Job! Chief is smiling from Heaven. Thank You To The New Webmaster!
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:20 - Eureka, CA

[5] Gary Ott |
Reposted entry from
Thu Jan 29 20:18:01 2003

I was the crewchief for Joe Hanebrink, Bikini 26. (1970-1971) Then I was crewchief on a Cobra. 7/17th Cav. A Troop. till I went home. Thanks for all the work on the web page Henry Winther! Gary
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:18 - Sparks, NV

[4] John Anstead |
Reposted entry from
Wed Jan 29 12:30:17 2003

I was with the 170th 66-67 Maintenance team leader, crewchief for Majors Doyle and Steward. Would like to hear from Jerry Womack, Buc chief, or anyone who remembers me.
February - 12 - 2005 (Saturday) 08:16 - Redding, CA

[3] Henry Winther | | www.170th.org
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