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[305] James W Etchison |
I was a dog man with Air Force at Phan Rang in '66 and flew as gunner with AHC as day time duty since our work was on perimeter at night. I noticed your rooster had 1/ Kernwein, Carl and Higgins, David listed with 170th. I would like to get in touch with them since I kept a little "blurb" on each mission and would like to send to them.
April - 20 - 2011 (Wednesday) 04:10 - Queens Village, NY

[304] Ivan Gere |
I arrived in country June 1966-June 1967.
as a very young 67N20 (Maintenance)Maj Brown took me under his wing an made me
his crew chief up until he was transferred to the 174th. He and I went through some pretty ruff times together. I will never forget Richard he was a big part of my life back then.

I returned on my second tour in Jan 1968-1969 with the 116th AHC where I flew slicks for 6 months and guns for 3 months.

Today I am a proud member of the CVMA Combat Vets Motorcycle Ass in Central Ill.
March - 28 - 2011 (Monday) 19:46 - Carlyle ILL

[303] Wayne T Inman |
Was with the 170th from late september 1969 until febuary 1970. I was doorgunner on bikini 100 and 125 durning oct.1969. one crewchief was named walker. Flew down to Nha Thrang with Walker Mr. Warren And Mc Donald . Things got real wet for people below the 5th floor the next day. Welcome Home clear right.
March - 21 - 2011 (Monday) 16:04 - North Carolina

[302] Karl R. Renz III |
All is well just miss the old days and the guys from Kontum
March - 13 - 2011 (Sunday) 19:48 - Phoenix

[301] Steve Campbell |
I came across on Facebook a 170th group to meet on and talk. Please consider joining. Thanks.
February - 22 - 2011 (Tuesday) 10:07 - Louisville, Kentucky

[300] bill smith |
I would like to now how to get copy of the moive.
February - 10 - 2011 (Thursday) 16:53 - east bridgewater mass.

[299] kevin ryall |
ernis Ryall son
February - 3 - 2011 (Thursday) 00:56 - US

Hello guys, Hope you are doing ok. Keep warm and safe.
January - 26 - 2011 (Wednesday) 17:56 - PITTSBURGH,PA

[297] CW4 Gary R. Gagnon (Ret) |
Looking for movie shown at reunion and other members from Nov 67 - Jun 68
January - 21 - 2011 (Friday) 22:00 - Alta Loma, CA

[296] George Kasowski |
Glade to see the old site up and working again.
Keeping the faith
January - 8 - 2011 (Saturday) 11:47 - Iowa

[295] sam mckowen |
I need to know how to get a copy of the movie that was shown at the st louis reunion
September - 29 - 2010 (Wednesday) 14:29 - daleville al

[294] Chuck McKee |
I'm looking to find a "Buccaneer" pilot or crew member)who extracted my LRRP Team (Loner-1-alpha)from a rock pile in the IaDrang river while under NVA and Charlie fire during May '67
September - 27 - 2010 (Monday) 13:30 - Pittsburgh PA

[293] Jose Jaimes |
Great Reunion Comrades, this being my first I was sort of nervous, but after seeing and talking to most of you, I came back a changed person. Thanks my brothers for those Memories, specially Terry Miller for that great Movie.
September - 25 - 2010 (Saturday) 04:31 - Woodland, California

[292] Sam Grimes |
Great reunion in St. Louis. Thanks to everyone who attended. Keep in touch.
September - 23 - 2010 (Thursday) 19:37 - Peoria, Arizona

[291] Sam Conde |
I just returned from the reunion in St. Louis. It was great! Many friends that flew with me in 67/68/69.
Our ranks are thinning. don't miss the next one.that's an order.
September - 23 - 2010 (Thursday) 09:41

[290] william t. slentz |
I was going through some boxes of things from nam the other day and I came across a zippo lighter that was inscribed Peter W McCartt 170th Assault Helicopter Company. I servered in nam in MR1 (Danang and north of there. I don't remember where I came upon it or how but I'd like to get it to him if I could. Anyone with any information on him and how to contact him would be greatly appreciated.
July - 29 - 2010 (Thursday) 17:00 - Brunswick, Ohio

[289] Brenda Dean |
My very good friend just passed away, he was a corp man with the 170th. I am going to read Mjr. Michael O'Donnell's poem at his memorial.
July - 22 - 2010 (Thursday) 16:06 - Elizabethtown, KY

[288] Terry (Virgil) Oltmanns |
I was with the 170th in 69 thru 70. Flew in 2nd flight. Great memories except for a few not so great.
June - 28 - 2010 (Monday) 13:23 - Puyallup, WA

[287] Larry Copelin |
I served in the 170th in 1969-1970
May - 29 - 2010 (Saturday) 19:36 - Oxford, ms

[286] Larry N. Williams |
I landed with-in the week of May 5-8, 1968. Landed at Cam Ron Bay then to Pleiku. Remained there until May 5th, 1969. Was with the 170th AHC,at Bikini Beach/Camp Holloway.
May - 27 - 2010 (Thursday) 22:39 - Tulsa, OK

[285] Denny K. Shoopman |
170th AHC at Benning and went to Nam with it.shortly after arriving Quin Ohn we went to Camp Holloway.
May - 19 - 2010 (Wednesday) 15:06 - Gulf Breeze, FL

[284] George Kasowski |
Hi Everyone
Worked in the hanger with the 170th from Jan 69 to Dec 69 as a sheet metal patcher. Fixed a lot of holes. I'm writing to find out why we can't get to the photo galleries? Is there someone we can contact to find out? When i go to the gallery section and click on a album I get a sight that pops up for drug rehab. To late for that. :) If any body can find out what the problem is let me know
Keep the Faith
May - 9 - 2010 (Sunday) 12:06 - Iowa

[283] Bob Brown |
Capt. Richard A. Brown is my brother (KIA 19 March 1969) he went over with the 174th AHC and was transf. to the 170th in 1966. He was later CO for the 174th. I just got home from the reunion of the 174th and found out he was sent to you. As I told all the people at the 174th, I know all of you walk bow legged to do the things you did! If anyone has any pic's of my brother I would like to buy copy's of them. I was with USMC 63 to 68. Chu Lai 1965
May - 5 - 2010 (Wednesday) 13:31 - Oregon

[282] Steve Campbell |
Is there a link to get more info about the reunion in Sept at St. Lewis?
May - 3 - 2010 (Monday) 10:51 - Louisville, Kentucky

[281] Jim Munford
Not able to access albums today, 4/25/10. Is it the site, or "cockpit trouble"?
April - 25 - 2010 (Sunday) 15:52

[280] John Robertson |
I found your site just last week and feel like I found buried treasure. My cousin and idol was KIA on 11/13/68. His name Loren Eugene Engstrom. Did any of you know him or have any pictures???
March - 19 - 2010 (Friday) 22:32 - Carsbad, Ca.

[279] Jasper Hartline |
Khomer Beaty was in the 170th.

He was from Valley Head Alabama.
March - 17 - 2010 (Wednesday) 23:57 - Arizona

[278] Melvin Campbell
I was a pilot in the 170th from Sept 69 to March 70. You and I know what kind of a job we did over there. We kicked A$$. Now at last there is a book out that tells it like it is. It is called Unheralded Victory. After all these years of the media telling us we lost that war, someone has finally bothered to check out the facts and add up the numbers. What do you know? We actually won. I just finished this book and I stand about an inch taller because of it. For anyone who is interested in the truth, It is a good read. Thank you "Bikinis" for the family that you guys gave me. Yours,
Mel Campbell
January - 22 - 2010 (Friday) 14:55 - Iliamna, AK

[277] LARRY FORD |
January - 6 - 2010 (Wednesday) 14:19 - GOSHEN, IN.

[276] Joseph M Roberts II |
170th. from Dec.65-Dec.66 I was a door gunner AC. No. 13-812 RA.RA. was my nick name.
January - 5 - 2010 (Tuesday) 22:00 - Clarksville Tn

[275] Joseph M Roberts II |
Iam still alive to.
January - 5 - 2010 (Tuesday) 21:52 - Clarksville Tn.

[274] John Storch |
Just ran across the website. Sure brings back lots of memories. Just wanted to let you know that I am still alive and well, and living in Napoleon, Ohio. I was in the 170th during 1969 into early 1970 as a mechanic.
December - 27 - 2009 (Sunday) 20:29 - Napoleon, Ohio

[273] Akira Sato |
for Jim Munford
December - 21 - 2009 (Monday) 23:26 - Gardena, California

[272] Jose Jaimes |
Hello Fellas, after leaving my info on this site I have been contacted by quite a few of you. Bill Wroolie, JR ORR, the nephew of John O Tafoya, Russell Elliott, Cpt Crawford and Henry. Elliott sent me a copy of his movies that he took during his tour, thanks Elliott they are great, I'm looking forward to the Mini Reunion in July 2010, in San Diego.
November - 19 - 2009 (Thursday) 21:16 - Woodland, California

[271] Jerry Berry |
My name is Jerry Berry. I served with the 3rd Battalion (Airborne), 506th Infantry (Currahees), 1st Brigade, 101st Airborne Division 1967-68. I am currently the unit historian, webmaster and reunion organizer for my battalion and Task Force 3-506th Units. Our website is currahee at org. Please visit if you find time.

Guys, I have been working on another book--the Cambodia Incursion (Binh Tay I) of 1970 involving the 4th Infantry Division, my battalion and yours (and others). I am searching for information and any members from your fine unit who participated in that operation to interview for this book--12 Days In May. I am in touch with over 70 members from the 4th ID and some of the other AHCs. I have no contacts from the 170th AWC and would like very much to include some 170th pilots and crew's input (recollections). I have begun organizing a special 2010 Reno Rendezvous to honor the Veterans of the Cambodia Operation (Binh Tay I), which my battalion spearheaded the 4th ID's CA on May 5, 1970. That twelve day operation is a hell of a story needing told. Can anyone from your unit help?

I need to make contact with someone from your unit who participated. I need to know if you lost any aircraft in the operation and if so when and how. Did you lose any personnel and if so, when and how.

I would like to invite/encourage anyone involved in that operation to come and join us in Reno later part of next July (dates are being finalized now). Please advise if you think you can make the rendeavous. I thank you kindly and thank you all for your service to our Country and for being there with us and for us.

Jerry in Montana

Jerry Berry
3/A & Bn PIO
3-506th, 101st Abn.
Vietnam 1967/68
November - 14 - 2009 (Saturday) 09:32 - Libby, Montana

[270] Rance Jurevwicz, Capt., USA, Ret |
w w w . v e t e r a n p r o g r a m s . c o m

Wonderful website. I am always amazed at the depth of information on this website. Also, did you know that we have the updated list of ALL PRESUMPTIVE CONDITIONS that many veterans do not know about? Veterans are encouraged to take a look, they may be eligible for lots of benefits and not know it.

w w w . v e t e r a n p r o g r a m s . c o m
November - 11 - 2009 (Wednesday) 14:21 - Highland, CA

[269] SP 5 Jaimes, Jose A |
I found this site totally by accident, I was a Blue Platoon and Buc Platoon Crew Chief with the 170th AHC, 67,68,69. I would like to contact old buddies who were there during this periods. I'm in California, near Sacramento: 18790 Possum Lane, Woodland CA 95695, hope to hear from Ya.
November - 6 - 2009 (Friday) 22:48 - Woodland, California

[268] Jim Hansen |
Wow! Decided to digitize my slides/pic/movie film and ran a check for the 170th.
What a surprise! My best wishes to all. well
October - 23 - 2009 (Friday) 19:30 - San Jose, Calif.

[267] SSGT Arthur L Charlton III USAF 68/69 |
I Keep (IF you are able) Close and I do Remember!
October - 15 - 2009 (Thursday) 14:56

[266] mike marmon |
cc buc 166 69 -70 looking for info on wo chris smith ac. hello to all you bucs ,montana mike
September - 30 - 2009 (Wednesday) 19:27 - ronan montana

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